Image-sensor and Analog Post-Si Validation

Tel Aviv

About The Position

This role will be part of a growing System Engineering team developing a Short-Wave Infrared Sensor for Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS systems.


·       Perform hands-on characterization and testing of TriEye imaging-sensor, photo-sensitive devices and readout integrated circuits (ROIC)

·       Prepare, present reports, and make recommendations to achieve desired results

·       Work in a multidisciplinary environment to debug and bring-up the chip after each tapeout, and to optimization analog chip-blocks


·       B.Sc. in Physics or Electrical Engineering. M.Sc. is preferred

·       At least 2 years of experience in hands-on building of setups for post-Si validation or image-sensor

·       Understanding of electro-optical systems, semiconductor devices and low-level transistor design

·       Experience in working with readout integrated circuit (ROIC) and noise modeling

·       Proven experience in Matlab or Python coding

·       Experience in bring up and optimization of the chip

·       Background in image processing - academical experience is acceptable

Preferred Qualifications

·      Programming skills C/C++, Assembly 

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