Maintaining Driver Focus

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) detect when drivers are not focused on the road ahead, and trigger alerts to refocus them. Existing systems, based on Visible (VIS) and Near Infrared (NIR) sensors, frequently fail to provide DMS with valuable image data under common driving scenarios. For example, sun-glare, nighttime, or different shade patterns like driving in an avenue of trees or buildings. In these situations DMS algorithms struggle to operate, making their output unreliable - precisely when it is needed the most.

Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) sensing offers enhanced vision even under the most challenging scenarios. Implementing SWIR in DMS provides continuous vision coherency. It improves driver monitoring and thus reduces human error and road accidents significantly. However, current InGaAs-based SWIR sensors have complex, long, and costly fabrication processes, prohibiting adoption in the automotive industry.

Constant Monitoring with In-Cabin SWIR Sensing

TriEye’s first-of-its-kind HD CMOS-based sensor now enables in-cabin SWIR imaging, taking DMS operability and functionality to a whole new level, at a cost comparable to standard VIS-NIR sensors.

Our SWIR sensing technology provides reliable and eye-safe monitoring of the driver’s vigilance at all times under all driving scenarios. SWIR is insusceptible to ambient noise from the sun and other light sources that would blind VIS or NIR cameras. Additionally, since SWIR illumination can use 1000x more optical power than NIR illumination, while remaining eye-safe, an increased Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) is achieved in low light scenarios. This results in significantly more precise and consistent real-time monitoring than existing systems.



Glare & Shade Patterns Resilient

Superior vision capabilities, unaffected by glare and shade patterns, enhancing DMS algorithms’ functionality and reliability

Imaging at Night

Supreme efficacy and high-resolution outputs in low light and at night, when most road accidents occur

Seamless Integration

Integrates with existing Visible ISP and AI algorithms, removing the barrier of training and developing new AI algorithms


1000 times cheaper compared to current InGaAs-based solutions, fit for mass-market applications

Eye-Safe and Indiscernible

Powerful Short-Wave Infrared illumination that is invisible and completely safe to the human eye

Small Form Factor

Designed to meet industry size requirements enabling simple and flexible positioning in-cabin

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