Effective Within All Environments

Vehicle autonomy is not limited to automotive. Just like in automotive applications, existing visible and NIR systems are limited in range and performance. Sensing in the SWIR wavelength range solves these problems again.
It’s easy to see how this enables emerging applications like autonomous delivery vehicles, but this technology is increasingly being applied in warehouses, farms, and work sites to improve operational efficiencies.
In these applications, outdoor performance and operational efficiency is significantly improved using SWIR wavelengths. With the HD SWIR image sensor, the SEDAR systems are used for localization, mapping, collision avoidance, and safety. In these applications, SEDAR MR systems can be configured to provide depth sensing up to 60 meters with a wide field of view in all lighting and environmental conditions.

Challenges in Robot Navigation Systems

When a robot’s navigation system doesn’t know where it is, or how to avoid an object, its default is to STOP. That way there are no collisions, no damage, no injuries. But it also means that its primary function cannot be completed, that means no deliveries, no cleaning, and no work getting done. A SEDAR SR system can help avoid these situations by enabling the system to work at a longer range, in outdoor environments, in all conditions – day, night, rain, fog.
That means deliveries occur and work continues – safely and efficiently – at all the times. And your robot doesn’t have to stop.



Wide Spectral Range in HD

HD capabilities for detecting concealed malfunctions and defects, and identifying materials in a wide spectral range (0.4-1.6µm)

Uncompromised Vision

Sees through common challenging visibility conditions like dust, smoke, opaque surfaces, and extreme heat

Eye-Safe and Indiscernible

Powerful Short-Wave Infrared illumination that is invisible and completely safe to the human eye


1000 times cheaper compared to current InGaAs-based solutions, fit for mass-market applications

Seamless Integration

Integrates with existing Visible ISP and AI algorithms, removing the barrier of training and developing new AI algorithms

Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP)

Small form factor, light weight, and low power consumption that support standard system and camera designs

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Unlocking Industrial Challenges with SWIR Sensing

With the constant demand to improve industrial processes, the latest industrial revolution has promoted the automation and digitalization of manufacturing

Image sensor close-up photo in lab


Cutting the Costs: Affordable SWIR Cameras

Pricing is a crucial decision factor in the development of products in the automotive industry. The systems that underlie highly automated vehicles (L3 and above) are more costly compared to the prices of L1 and L2 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).


Remote Material Sensing Turns the Invisible, Visible

Every material has a unique spectral response defined by its chemical and physical characteristics; that response can be detected by comparing the relative intensities of carefully chosen spectral bands in a process called remote material sensing.

Unlock the benefits of cost-effective SWIR sensing with TriEye's Ovi DevKit