TriEye Raven SWIR Sensor

TriEye is bringing SWIR to mass production with the Raven, the world’s first CMOS-based SWIR sensor. By solving fundamental constraints in manufacturing, TriEye's unique sensor design provides high-resolution, low power consumption, small form factor, and a 1000x price reduction - compared to current InGaAs technology.

TriEye's full-stack solution allows any machine vision system to operate and deliver image data and actionable information even under the most challenging visibility conditions. Leveraging our deep expertise in device physics, process design, electro-optics, and system engineering enables us to create SWIR systems that can support a wide range of mass-market applications.

Key Specs

Resolution (HxW)

1284 X 960

Sensor Spectrum

0.4 – 1.6um

Pixel Pitch


Imager Size (HxV)

8.98mm x 6.72mm

Package Size (HxV)

iBGA 13mm x 13mm

Optical Format


Shutter Mode


Power Supplies

1.2v, 3.3v

ADC Accuracy


Maximum fps


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