Transforming The Sensing World in Emerging Markets

Vehicle autonomy is not limited to the automotive industry. Just like in automotive applications, existing visible and NIR systems are limited in range and performance. SEDAR is redefining vehicle autonomy.
It’s easy to see how this enables emerging applications like autonomous delivery vehicles, but this technology is increasingly being applied in warehouses, farms, and work sites to improve operational efficiencies.
In these applications, outdoor performance and operational efficiency is significantly improved using SWIR wavelengths. With the HD SWIR image sensor, the SEDAR systems are used for localization, mapping, collision avoidance, and safety. In these applications, the SEDAR MR & SEDAR SR systems can be configured to provide depth sensing up to 60 meters with a wide field of view in all lighting and environmental conditions.

SEDAR™ SR & MR Provides HD SWIR imaging & 3D determinative depth sensing under all operating conditions.
Range SR: 10-20m
MR: 30-60m


Uncompromised Visibility

Detection through common challenging visibility conditions like dust, smoke, opaque surfaces, and extreme heat

Environmental Immunity

Resilience to sun glare, glare from vehicle headlights, and ambient noises so day and night appear interchangeable

Imaging and Ranging

Delivering two synchronised data streams - HD image and accurate depth information in the form of an HD depth map, with deterministic depth calculation per pixel

High Points Per Second (PPS)

Captures a minimum of 5 million points per second, significantly higher than any other LiDAR on the market

Cost/Performance Differential

Robust performance in adverse weather and lightning conditions at a cost up to 10X lower compared to LiDAR solutions

Enhanced Detection Capabilities

High-resolution sensor coupled with ultra-high peak power and eye-safe illumination source enabling to meet the most challenging scenarios in the ADAS/AV world

Advance Your Technology with the Power of SWIR Imaging and Ranging

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