How SEDAR Addresses Critical Automotive Use Cases

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    The TriEye SEDAR platform uses revolutionary technology to provide Spectrum Enhanced Detection and Ranging that combines all of the capabilities of camera and Lidar systems with the additional benefits of High-Definition SWIR imaging.

    Currently, ADAS and AV solutions require a wide range of sensors to allow vehicles to operate under all weather conditions both day and night. The current approach is to add as many sensors as possible to provide as much data as possible to the perception systems. However, this approach dramatically increases the vehicle sensor content and costs, and existing sensors don’t cover the corner cases – rain, fog, sun glare. SEDAR operates in the SWIR wavelength range and eliminates these barriers and allows long range, eye-safe operation – extending the capabilities of automotive 3D sensing systems.

    In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about:

    • The magnitude of the low visibility problem in corner cases
    • Unique capabilities of the SEDAR system
    • How SEDAR enhances ADAS & AV systems


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