SWIR Sensing for Biometrics: A New Era of Detection and Identification

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    Machine vision systems are becoming increasingly popular, using a combination of software and hardware to execute tasks and ultimately improve lives. Specifically, many biometrics solutions use machine vision systems to improve security systems and enable accurate detection, identification, and authentication processes.
    However, biometric security systems are still unable to perform outdoors as well as they can indoors, losing visibility in adverse lighting conditions such as when sun glare, intricate shade patterns, or fog interfere. To grant these advanced capabilities, biometric systems require richer and more actionable data that can enable systems to “see” beyond the visible.
    In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about:
    • How SWIR can pave the way to advanced capabilities in biometrics solutions
    • Challenges faced by biometric identification systems and security systems
    • Biometric applications and processes that reap the benefits of SWIR sensing

    Download a copy to learn more.

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