Unlocking Industrial Challenges with Short-Wave Infrared Sensing

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    With the constant demand to improve industrial processes, the latest industrial revolution has promoted the automation and digitalization of manufacturing. For this to be possible, vast amounts of data are collected by sensors and used by machine vision systems to monitor operations, run diagnostics, and take action.
    However, the efficiency of machine vision systems is limited to the input data provided by the imagery hardware. Current image data provided by standard cameras are limited due to visibility challenges, unable to provide contamination detection, leak detection, quality inspection, and extreme heat imaging. Thus, industrial applications require the capabilities of SWIR sensing which offers superior vision and increases detection accuracy.

    Download this whitepaper to learn about:

    • Existing challenges in industrial applications
    • How SWIR sensing capabilities can be leveraged to solve vision challenges
    • What applications are already reaping the benefits of SWIR

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