Toshiba Teli and TriEye Collaborate to Deliver SWIR Sensing Capabilities for the Industrial Vision Systems Market

April 14, 2022

TriEye announces collaboration with Toshiba Teli, a global leader in providing integrated cameras for automation. The two companies are working together to commercialise a SWIR camera for industrial-related processes and applications.

TriEye and Toshiba Teli have successfully built the world’s first Industrial oriented CMOS-based HD SWIR camera. Currently, industrial machine vision systems lack vital image data required for full-range functionality. This new integration will leverage TriEye’s SWIR sensing technology to provide vision systems with an additional layer of information, reshaping the industrial sector and enhancing processes capabilities. This partnership intends to make their solution available globally, introducing its advanced benefits to a wide range of verticals.

Although InGaAs-based SWIR sensing has been around for decades, it remained limited to industries like semiconductor fabrication, aerospace, and science due to the high costs and low production yield. TriEye’s unique technology introduces the industry’s first CMOS-based SWIR solutions for mass markets. Its technology enhances machine vision capabilities and assists in the detection of visible and invisible malfunctions, allowing them to accomplish tasks that were previously unattainable. Leveraging this solution will provide Toshiba’s customers with vital information such as material sensing and quality control.

“We are excited to partner with Toshiba, such a respected and well-known industry leader,” said Avi Bakal, CEO and Co-Founder of TriEye, “We believe their constant push to deliver value to their customers combined with their industrial specific advanced knowledge will be extremely beneficial to bring our SWIR sensing solution to be an industry standard.”

“We are pleased to partner with TriEye and integrate its world’s first CMOS-based SWIR technology,” said Shinichi Itokawa, CTO of Toshiba Teli, “TriEye is providing markets with SWIR imaging capabilities needed for reliable automation in industrial processes at an unprecedented cost. This joint effort will accelerate the development of next-generation superior imaging tech capabilities for industrial cameras that will translate into every aspect of our lives. Toshiba Teli is thrilled to be at the front of this technological revolution.”

Recently, TriEye’s Raven sensor was named a top innovation by InVISION. In the past, the company announced collaborations with Hitachi Astemo, Porsche, Continental Engineering, Trimble and DENSO. TriEye recently announced a significant capital acquisition in funding to support their product commercialization and global expansion. This investment was led by M&G Investments and Varana Capital, Samsung Ventures, Deep Insight, Tawazun Group, Allied Group, and Discount Capital, including follow-on investors Intel Capital, Porsche and Marius Nacht.

About Toshiba Teli (Japan)

Toshiba Teli is an imaging company specializing in design, manufacture and sale of industrial camera and surveillance camera but also the provision of image-based system solution. The company continues to support corporate activities and society by providing high-precision image information through imaging system solutions focused on camera technologies. Toshiba Teli’s industrial cameras are widely used as the eyes of various manufacturing and testing equipment as well as for quality control management and medical equipment. To find out more about Toshiba Teli, visit

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