Bringing You A Top-Notch Virtual CES 2022 Experience

January 5, 2022

We are very excited to share our TriEye virtual CES experience, showcasing not one, but three demos! Our CMOS-based SWIR sensing solutions enable mass markets to harness advanced SWIR capabilities for the first time. We invite you to tap into the world of SWIR through our unique virtual experience, featuring a live demo of our recently-released SEDAR which was selected as this year’s CES Innovation Award honoree.


Demo 1: Veoneer and TriEye Integrated Solution

We collaborated with Veoneer, a world leader in cutting-edge ADAS technology, to enable SWIR sensing for the automotive market. Together we have successfully integrated TriEye’s SWIR sensing solution into an existing industrialized tier 1 system. Veoneer and TriEye share a mutual vision to enhance ADAS perception performance in common challenging visibility conditions such as rain, darkness, fog, dust, and sun-glare, to enable better road safety and enhance autonomy capabilities.

Veoneer’s ADAS system powered by TriEye’s SWIR sensing technology

Here’s a glimpse of our enhanced ADAS SWIR field footage:


Demo 2: Award-Winning SEDAR Mounted Demo

TriEye’s SEDAR (Spectrum-Enhanced Detection and Ranging) is the only product that provides HD SWIR image data and depth information in one sensor modality. Leveraging the unique advantages of the SWIR spectrum along with TriEye’s proprietary low-cost design, TriEye’s award-winning SEDAR is the first complete solution capable of producing both HD SWIR image data and a detailed depth-map in all visibility conditions, giving machine vision systems the ability to accurately sense their surrounding.

TriEye’s SEDAR produces both an HD SWIR image and a 3D depth map


In this never-before-seen live SEDAR demo, you will witness in real-time how the SEDAR produces an accurate depth map and HD SWIR image data with superior vision capabilities.

Leveraging SWIR and 3D depth to detect and locate objects and people in Nighttime conditions


Demo 3: Seeing in SWIR – Raven Indoor Demo

The final demo will have a live showcase of TriEye’s Raven in our highly customizable Ovi devkit. The Ovi development kit is designed to quickly ramp up and harness the benefits of the SWIR spectrum andTriEye’s Raven sensor. The Ovi allows for seamless integration and requires minimal setup, accelerating the development cycle toward commercialization.

TriEye’s SWIR sensing solution allows any machine vision system to operate and deliver SWIR image data and actionable information. Leveraging our deep expertise in SWIR sensing, electro-optics, and system engineering to support our customers to create SWIR systems for a wide range of mass-market applications. The ability to produce clear and mission-critical image data will be demonstrated in this demo, comparing our superior SWIR vision to a standard VIS camera.

Leveraging SWIR for food sorting and for quality and defects inspection


You can continue to learn about our exciting products and tech updates by experiencing our demos and the advanced capabilities of our SWIR sensing solutions – live in action. Join the SWIR revolution and book your spot.

We hope to meet you in-person soon!

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